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Before moving to Tuscaloosa, my wife and I lived, with our new born son, across the street from a sourdough bakery in the city of Brighton and Hove, on the South coast of England. We bought bread there nearly every day. We loved the texture, chewy and moist, we loved how it curled over as you cut it, and we loved the flavor. We ate it fresh, toasted, fried, crumbed.... discovering sourdough was a revelation!


As soon as we moved away from that bakery and arrived in Alabama, I set about trying to make my own true sourdough, no commercial yeast, no additives. that was six years ago, and I've made bread nearly everyday since, experimenting and hopefully improving all the time.

Sourdough is bread fermented with naturally occurring yeast. It's an ancient process for leavening bread, characterized by a tangy flavor, a moist and chewy crumb, and a long life. As it relies on yeast in the air, the flavor will vary by location. In other words, our bread is unique!

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